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No other book has ever gone this deep into helping you understand why life has always seemed "off" and why nothing ever seems to adds up. How can you expect to be happy when you are currently living this way? The only way to help yourself in the long run is understanding things aren't always as they appear.

My life purpose is helping you awaken to the reality that has been pulled over your eyes f
rom birth to this moment. The only way to live a stress free and happy life is to uncover THE TRUTH once and for all!

Have you ever wondered what is wrong with people or the world today? Are you tired of not understanding how the world REALLY works? Have you ever wanted a purpose driven life or asked yourself why am I here? This book is a game changer, once awakened to the truth you will NEVER want to go back to your old self again!

YOU are the center of the universe created by design to be HERE at this precise moment to fulfill your true life’s purpose. The truth you desire has always been “hidden in plain sight” waiting to be uncovered. Buckle up and prepare to have your mind blown! What once was hidden will now come into the light and be revealed. Join the awake, aware and prepared while discovering your infinite power to change reality as you know it...

This book finding its way to you was part of “the plan.” YOU are now right where you’re meant to be! Some of the mind blowing information contained inside is considered top secret and has always been purposely hidden from the public for reasons which you will soon discover! Everything from the public education system, Federal Reserve, who really runs our country AND MUCH MORE! The simple answer is EVERYTHING you were taught, know and believe has always been A LIE in order to prevent you from discovering your true purpose and power!

You have ALWAYS known there is more to life than what you have been told, take the next step and join the 3% who are currently "awake"!

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Joe Biden's now famous quote from the last 2020 Presidential debate - "We are about to go into a dark winter."

What is "Dark Winter" and why should you care? Joe Biden did not coin the phrase, but he did reveal something very important, a clue - a secret.

"Dark Winter" is a government …

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