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June 23 2024
Get Ready, the Bird Flu Hoax is ramping up:  Click Here

March 20 2024
Mudfloods Video Added - Digging Down into a Muddy past:  Click Here

March 14 2024
Root Cause - Health Effects of a Root Canal - FULL DOCUMENTARY Click Here

February 18 2024
Lasik Eye Surgery, new video added: 
Click Here

December 10 2023
Microplastics are in everything including our cells!: 
Click Here

September 12 2022

It's in the Blood has been updated:  Click Here


September 7 2022

#Died_Suddenly page has been updated:  Click Here


August 20 2022

We finally updated the Georgia Guidestone page:  Click Here


May 22 2022

9/23 Predictive Programming Clues:  Click Here


April 3 2022

Official Pfizer Adverse Reactions to the Safe and Effective Covid Vaccine:  Click Here


March 23 2022

Radiation Health Risks  Click Here


March 13 2022

Planet Lockdown: A Documentary (bottom of page)  Click Here


February 22 2022

The future foretold by a card game? Click Here


February 19 2022

What are they doing with Cell-Sized Microbots? Click Here


February 17 2022

Crisis Actors used to trick you!  Click Here


February 16 2022

Stay out of the Hospital!   Click Here


February 11 2022

Did you get the shot? You maybe Bluetooth Compatible! (bottom of page)   Click Here


February 10 2022

Nanotech in the Covid Vaccines, activated by 5g  Click Here

February 9 2022

Face Masks are causing Cancer!  Click Here

February 8 2022

Is there anything you can or should do if you are facing a vaccine mandate as a condition of attending school or keeping a job?   Click Here

February 5 2022

Predictive Programming, Covid, 9/11, 9/23.....  Click Here

February 4 2022

It's in the Blood!  Click Here

February 3 2022

EVENT 201 Covid-19 Launched One Month after Global Pandemic Exercise!   Click Here

February 1 2022

DOD Whistleblowers Claim Increases In Miscarriages, Cancers and More Since COVID Vaccine Rollout (bottom of page)   Click Here

January 30 2022

2009 Jesse Ventura - "Conspiracy Theory Show" - Covid (bottom of page)   Click Here

January 29 2022

Why people can't see the truth Click Here

January 28 2022

 Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64 Click Here

January 20 2022

 Correlation between COVID-19 and the rollout of 5G wireless networks Click Here

January 15 2022

 Testimony of a tattoo artist on the blood of vaccinated people Click Here

January 15 2022

It's one big Hoax! Click Here

January 13 2022

Vaccine Coercion is Illegal! Click Here

January 11 2022

Article added: U.S. Deaths up by 40% above normal?  Click Here

January 3 2022

Psoriasis- what's really causing it?  Click Here

January 1 2022

Deagel predicts a worldwide depopulation of 50 to 80% by 2025 Click Here

January 1 2022

Stop The Reincarnation Cycle & Soul Recycling: Don't Go Into the Light!  Click Here

December 31 2021

Young Athletes are Dying!  Click Here

December 29 2021

Masks don't protect you and cause harm  Click Here

December 28 2021

Satellites are purely science-fiction  Click Here

December 26 2021

Genocide! ​   Click Here

December 26 2021

Drugs in the water... we're drinking sewage! ​   Click Here

December 18 2021

Why are people suddenly Dying?   Click Here

December 13 2021

Should you have a Colonoscopy Exam? - Colonoscopies Health Risks Click Here

December 8 2021

Long Hair ... should you be cutting it? Click Here

November 26 2021

Were Giants just legend and folklore or did they actually exist?  Click Here

November 16 2021

Young athletes across the world are dropping dead after taking experimental vaccines  Click Here

November 8 2021

Those Who Claim the Greatest Benefit From Mammograms May Ironically Suffer the Most Harm  Click Here

May 27 2021

Treating Cataracts without Surgery!  Click Here

April 14 2021

New Video, Don't conduct experiments on our children- Human Rights Attorney from Southern California Leigh Dundas.... Click Here

February 25 2021

You'll Never Have a Root Canal After Watching This .... Click Here

February 22 2021

Should you get the Experimental Covid-19 "Vaccine" Video below plus more info here.


February 19 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine in the News .... Click Here

November 10 2020

Covid-19 HOAX .... Click Here

June 15 2020

Shelbyville, Il Redevelopment uncovers evidence of a MudFlood Event .... Click Here

April 16 2020

Rosa Koire, UN Agenda 2030 exposed .... Video

February 21 2020

New 9/11 Video Added .... a great documentary....
 Where Did The Towers Go?  

February 6 2020

Vaccine Category has been expanded greatly.


January 20 2020

5g has been added to our Cell Tower Category, Do you really think the powers that be care if we have ultra fast downloads? .... Surprise, 5g is a Weapons System!


January 15 2020

Why do some old buildings have doors and windows below ground? There appears to have been a catastrophic event in the not so distant past, a


December 23 2019

Do you have bad vision, cataracts, why not get
Lasik Eye Surgery.... It's safe and effective! ...... Or is it?


December 05 2019

You most likely haven't given much thought to Tea Bags, but did you they're made from Plastic? Ok, let's take a step back.... you do know what plastic does to us, right? In case you don't know take a peak at our Plastic Category. The Billions of plastic particles being leached from Tea Bags will make more sense.


November 03 2019

Are you getting to the age where your Doctor wants you to get a Mammogram? Think twice! This Truth Pirates Category has expanded!